Eye Balm


Rich, hydrating eye treatment with soy isoflavones and antioxidants replenishes lost moisture and protects against free radical damage while minimizing the appearance of visible signs of aging

Directions Use +-

Once or twice daily, apply Eye Balm underneath the eyes and along the brow bone, avoiding the eyelids.

Major Ingredients +-

OY EXTRACT (glycine soja): A unique form of soy extract with a high level of soy isoflavones that provides antioxidant protection.

ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL (Vitamin E): Pure vitamin E (not a derivative), provides powerful antioxidant protection.

SILYMARIN: An extract of the milk thistle plant that provides powerful antioxidant protection.

GORGONIAN EXTRACT: A marine-derived extract with natural anti-inflammatory properties. Helps reduce the appearance of puffiness caused by environmental stress or irritants.

ALPHA BISABOLOL: Derived from the chamomile plant with proven anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Eye Balm
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