ZIIP - Taking Beauty Into Your Own Hands

ZIIP - Taking Beauty Into Your Own Hands

Introducing - The Facial Of The Future. 

At Artisan Beaute` in Buckhead, our goal is to present our patients with options that enhance the integrity of the skin,and optimize the results of their in office treatments.

One of our favorite home care devices, is the Award Winning - ZIIP Beauty. This innovative at home skin care treatment is being referred to as -

"A Facial In The Palm Of Your Hand".

ZIIP is a FDA-cleared and patented handheld nano-current and micro-current machine that performs multiple functions including:

Sculpting - Lifting - Toning - Tightening - Defining - Softening & Preventing

This multi-functional device can also function as an acne treatment, and helps to brighten dull complexions.

ZIIP Artisan Beaute Buckhead

Melanie Simon developed the ZIIP device, and in each of the 7 videos she demonstrates exactly how to use. ZIPP treatments can be performed in as little as two to twelve minutes, and the device is easy to jet set with. 

FIRST STEP: Apply a thin layer of the Gold Gel, which is a formulation of 24-karat gold and synthetic cone snail venom (this fast performing ingredient could be the Botox alternative that you have been in search of), to your face and neck.

SECOND STEP: Place the device firmly against the skin in the zone you are working on, until you see the lights.

THIRD STEP: Follow the videos on your ZIIP app ( available in the App Store, and Google Play Store). You will always want to complete the primer session first - no matter which treatment that you choose. This is an important step, as you want to bring adequate circulation to the area. 

To pause the session, simply remove the device from contact with your skin.

It is ideal to use your ZIIP device 3-6 times a week for maximized results (perfect to use when watching your favorite series on Amazon, Netflix or Apple TV).

FINAL STEP: When you have finished your ZIIP treatment, simply wipe the device gently with soft gauze and alcohol for cleansing.

It's ready for the next use. #electricbeauty 

                         ZIIP Artisan Beaute' Buckhead

As a skin care expert, in the field for 18+ years in Atlanta, I highly recommend that my patients incorporate the ZIIP Beauty device in addition to our in-office procedures such as Ultherapy, Remodeling Face (by Biologique Recherche), and Intraceuticals (Red Carpet Treatment) to enhance, and elevate the benefits of their treatment.

Skincare products prescribed at Artisan Beaute`are your skins diet, and ZIIP treatments are the Pilates class for toning, defining, and sculpting your favorite facial features. It's ELECTRIC !


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