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Revamping Your Skin Routine in the New Year: Tips from the Expert Skincare Specialists at Artisan Beauté

Revamping Your Skin Routine in the New Year: Tips from the Expert Skincare Specialists at Artisan Beauté

As we kick off the New Year, many of us create new year's resolutions to help us become better versions of ourselves in the upcoming year. Stop ordering takeout, visit the gym more frequently, implement work-life balance. All of these are honorable goals worthy of our time and attention in the new year. However, we often neglect something even closer to us – our skin!

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, but we often fail to appreciate everything it does for us. Show your skin some love this year by following these skincare tips and tricks from our expert aestheticians and skincare specialists at Artisan Beauté.

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Our practitioners at Artisan Beauté can help bring your skin to life with a customized facial designed to address your skin’s goals and problem areas.

1. Moisturize Daily (and not just your face!)

As many of us have learned over time, the skin on your face is not the only place that shows early signs of aging. The skin on our neck, décolletage, and hands is also subject to premature aging due to a variety of factors, such as sun exposure, our sleeping position, and genetic factors like skin elasticity. Therefore, it is imperative to give the skin on these areas adequate care and moisture to keep us looking youthful, healthy, and smooth as we age. 

Pro Tip: Use a moisturizer with retinol to stimulate collagen and maximize absorption into the skin. Artisan Beaute offers D.E.J. Night by Revision Skincare, which is perfect for caring for your skin in the frigid winter months!

Premium skincare products are available for every skin type at Artisan Beauté.

The Artisan Beauté team is highly knowledgeable on skincare ingredients and products to treat your individual skin needs.

2. Apply SPF Year-Round

Yes, we mean daily! This is a piece of advice that so many women hear and ignore because they conclude that they are not outside often enough to constitute applying sunscreen every day. What you may be forgetting to consider is that we are exposed to sunlight in our cars, through the windows in our home, and on those short walks to and from our cars, into the office, and running errands. Your skin is likely exposed to the sun a lot more often than you think on a day-to-day basis, and this adds up over the years! Sun exposure can lead to skin damage, pigmentations, and premature aging, but also more harmful conditions like skin cancer. That is why adding SPF to our daily skincare regimens is as important as your routine cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. And no, the SPF in your foundation does not count!

Pro Tip: Products like Intellishade protect your skin from harmful UV without leaving an oily residue. Perfect for makeup-free days or under your favorite foundation.

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Artisan Beauté carries the best luxury skincare brands on the market to help our clients maintain their best skin between in-spa treatments.

3. Invest in Quality ingredients

Skincare is one of the most worthy investments we can make in ourselves. Top skincare experts recommend that this is one area where we shouldn’t be skimping. While there are some inexpensive products on the market that do a decent job, there are several premium skincare lines that utilize state-of-the-art technology to restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize your skin with the best, most effective ingredients available in the industry. Lines like Augustinus Bader, SkinCeuticals, and Biologique Recherche offer industry-leading formulas proven to restore your skin and maintain your healthiest skin at every age. 

Pro Tip: Brands like Biologique Recherche and Vintner’s Daughter use state-of-the-art ingredients and technology to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck! Ready to try without committing to a full-size bottle? Artisan Beauté offers travel sizes so you can make sure you are in love with the product first!

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4. Schedule Regular Facials

Many perceive facials to be an occasional and infrequent luxury when in reality, we should be scheduling regular facials as maintenance for our skin wellness. Deep cleansing, extractions, and exfoliating facial techniques are imperative to ensuring that the rest of our skincare products are as effective as possible. Facials are customized to your unique skin type, needs, and goals, making it important to work with expert estheticians that understand skin on the deepest level and can prescribe a personalized regimen that fits your unique goals and challenges. Seeing an aesthetician monthly or quarterly can drastically improve your skin quality, texture, and tone much quicker than attempting to self-assess and treat with products that may or may not work for you.

Pro Tip: Artisan Beauté understands that beauty is personal! We work with each of our clients individually to customize a skincare regimen that best suits their skin needs!

Skincare consultation with a licensed esthetician at Artisan Beauté luxury spa

Our skilled team of licensed estheticians tailors any treatments to the specific needs of our clients in order to help them enhance their natural beauty.

5. Keep Your Annual Dermatologist Appointment

Dermatologists recommend regular examinations at least once a year to examine your skin for sun damage. While there are many preventative and proactive measures we should be taking to protect our skin, such as daily SPF application and wearing skin protectant clothing, it is still important to check in with your dermatologist to keep your skin healthy over time!

Pro Tip: In the summer months where we tend to be outside most often, we recommend monthly at-home skin checks in addition to your regular visit to the dermatologist to keep a close eye on freckles and sun pigmentation! Everything should be checked out with your doctor prior to scheduling laser treatments or wrinkle-reducing injections with Artisan Beauté to reduce the appearance of sun damage and sun-induced aging.

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