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How Expensive is Biologique Recherche?

How Expensive is Biologique Recherche?

Artisan Beauté is one the few places in Atlanta that carries Biologique Recherche and frankly, one of the most common questions we get asked is “How expensive is Biologique Recherche?” To find out that answer and to get tips on this most talked-about product line, we caught up with Bisma Rais, Aesthetician at Artisan Beauté. Bisma’s name might be familiar if you are already a devotee of Biologique Recherche. If there’s such a thing as an aesthetician influencer, that’s Bisma. She shares beauty trends on her wildly popular Instagram account, “The Daily Skinformative” and can often be seen on-line chatting with YouTube Beauty influencer Abby Bliss White. Abby lovingly refers to Bisma as her “Biologique guru."  

How expensive is Biologique Recherche?  

Biologique Recherche does not have to be a steep investment especially with the approach I take. I like to start slowly with a few products and come up with a basic regimen that will make using Biologique Recherche products feasible, both for your lifestyle and your budget.  However, my honest response to that question is, "How valuable is your skin?" 


To get stellar results, you don’t have to spend

a small fortune on one product 

to make an impact on your skin.  


Is there such a thing as a standard daily regimen?  

Yes and no! Biologique Recherche is so hyper customized that no two routines are the same. I consider the time of the year, the climate you live in, along with your individual skin needs. Honestly, I have deep conversations with all my patients about their lifestyle, diet, budget, and intensity of their travel schedules. I want to know how much time you can devote to the regimen and what are your skin care goals. I truly love getting a good understanding of your skincare challenges and goals. 


What does Lotion P50 do? 

Lotion P50 is a favorite for just about everyone who has ever tried it! it's a balancing toner which also helps exfoliate the skin. There are 6 to 7 different formulas that are specifically tailored to your skin. The best way to describe it is that it's a multifunctional lotion that balances, exfoliates, and purifies the epidermis, helping it maintain its acid PH balance. 


Lotion P50 is packed full of vitamins

and nutrients that truly bring forth 

the radiance within.  


Why is Artisan Beauté the best place to get Biologique Recherche in Atlanta? 

Biologique Recherche is a very hyper customized line. There are over 200 products and I want to make sure we land on the very best product for your skin. Skin is constantly changing and evolving and I like to be with my patients on every step of that evolution. Your skin has different needs in the morning from the evening. I view Biologique Recherche as a holistic journey and I take many factors into account when recommending products.  


Is Biologique Recherche good for acne?  

That’s not an easy question to answer because it honestly depends on the type of acne you have. It can be good for superficial acne and I often recommend starting off simply with a basic foundation, such as a great basic cleanser like Lait U and the appropriate formula of P50 and Crème Dermopurifiante!  For patients who have hormonal or cystic acne, there is no skincare product that’s an “easy fix” because it is a combination of internal and external health that we must explore.  


What is your favorite Biologique Recherche product? 

My absolute favorite is Masque VIP 02. It’s everything you want in a mask. It’s soothing, calming, brightening, hydrating, and filled with oxygenating properties.  It helps with breakouts, sunburn, and combats the effects of  excess travel.


Tell us about a Biologique Facial?  

We do the Bespoke Biologique Facial here at the Med Spa in Atlanta and it’s one of my favorite procedures! The experience is very meditative and relaxing. When I’m giving the Biologique Recherche facial, I’m focused on mind, body and soul. I combine a medical approach with the luxurious holistic approach of Biologique to create the kind of facial your skin craves. This facial will not only bring forth glowing, healthy skin, but also address the long-term health of your skin. I call it the ultimate self-care investment.


There you have it, tips from a Biologique Recherche guru and one of the major reasons it makes sense to work with someone like Bisma Rais in Atlanta!    

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