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Dipsy's Masterclass Training

Dipsy's Masterclass Training

This past month has been a whirlwind of incredible trainings and unforgettable experiences for me and the Artisan Beauté team. We’ve had the pleasure of attending two advanced courses that have helped me grow as an injector and bring the latest injection techniques to Artisan Beauté.

It was a dream come true to attend Dr. Arthur Swift’s Masterclass on advanced injections in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Swift is a pioneer in the injectable beauty industry and is highly respected. As a bonus, he brought along world-renowned anatomist, Professor Sebastian Cotofana. This was a 3- day comprehensive masterclass where he shared his wealth of knowledge and expertise on “BeautiPHIcation'' and pan-facial rejuvenation. The course included hot topics such as facial balancing, the latest injecting techniques, and complication management. Professor Sebastian Cotofana explained the anatomical importance and considerations while injecting. As every patient is unique and anatomy varies slightly on each individual, it’s crucial to understand commonalities of important vasculature in order to practice safely and customize every patient experience. As a provider, I constantly strive to improve my skillset and continue to bring innovative techniques to my patients. I have definitely learned the importance of rejuvenating the full face while respecting facial balance and harmony. As a result of this masterclass,  I’m confidently able to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique beauty. 

This past weekend, Dr. Alexander, Maryellen Bishop, and I, attended Dr. Chris Surek’s Academy for Injection Anatomy. Dr. Surek is a Plastic Surgeon who is nationally recognized in the aesthetic community for his passion for educating injectors on anatomy and safety. He encourages injectors to gain a deeper understanding of facial anatomy and offers a hands-on cadaver dissection. Patient satisfaction and wellbeing are of utmost importance, and after dissecting a cadaver, injectors have a great appreciation for anatomy and recognize areas that need to be injected with extra caution for the best results. It was incredibly interesting to see how dermal filler helps re-volumize the tissues and support the aging face. Understanding the incorporation of safer injection techniques and protocols for complications is imperative, I truly learned so many pearls from the course. 

I am so grateful to have had these experiences and learn from the best in the industry! Two amazing masterclasses with different core content yet, both providing me with a wealth of knowledge that I’m sure will prove to be nothing but instrumental to the services that can be provided to the clients at Artisan Beauté. Continuing education is extremely important in this multifaceted field and I’m excited to bring back my new learnings to my practice. 

Dipsy Gandhi- Parikh 


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