Biologique Recherche's SERUM DE TEINT is now available at Artisan Beaute'

Biologique Recherche's SERUM DE TEINT is now available at Artisan Beaute'

I have had the honorable pleasure of testing and trying Serum de Teint since November 2019. Majority of retailers and ambassadors have tried it since May time and now its available at Artisan Beaute' in Buckhead!

To be frank as a makeup artist, this is probably one of the most innovative and beautiful products I own. A silicone free, purely skin loving, and protective product that leaves the skin enhanced. For further praise, Dr. Allouche told me that a BIG name makeup company highly approved of Serum De Teint's innovation and technology 😏. However, Dr. Allouche made it clear - this is NOT makeup and BR is not going into the makeup realm period. It’s a FINISHING SERUM. The shade range hits the major tones, literally melting and adjusting to your skin tone.

Serum De Teint Artisan Beaute`

 Serum De Teint Facts:

* Your skin but enhanced coverage.

* Velvet finish.

* Forms a protective shield while moisturizing and hydrating the face.

* For ALL skin instants, even acne/rosacea prone skin, because it helps to diminish the appearance.

 Key Ingredients:

* Butterfly Bush Flower from China - provides comprehensive photo protective properties against the harmful effects of luminous radiation. This key ingredient prevents anti-aging caused by UV, IR, and Blue light.

*Anti pollution ingredients - shields from environmental, UV, and chemical pollution and their damage.

* Prickly Pear Oil - antioxidant while also nourishing the skin.

* Film - protects skin from trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) while also allowing the skin to “breathe”.

Serum De Teint Artisan Beaute`


* I apply with my fingers like I do masks giving more coverage*

* Mixing with my sunscreen!! I prefer mixing it otherwise I find (along with the Biologique Recherche` trainers who told me this) that Serum De Teint starts piling.

* 1 pump Serum De Teint with 2 pumps of a finishing serums aka "Glow of LIFE".

* Mixing with my foundation.

* Perfect for the GYM or 24-48 hours Post Procedure (peels, laser, micro-needling).

* Under my makeup for less foundation use. Let Serum De Teint settle into the skin for 30 mins before applying foundation.

We a have all been waiting,and are thrilled to say that this exciting serum is now available at Artisan Beaute` in Buckhead, Atlanta. 

We want you to LOVE the skin that you see in the mirror!


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