Biologique Recherche', Marco Island & Artisan Beaute'

Biologique Recherche', Marco Island & Artisan Beaute'

Picture it now; Marco Island, Florida in early November. The weather was a perfect 75 – 80 degrees. Every meal was served under a crystal blue sky on the lovely terrace at the JW Marriott Marco Island. This is where Biologique Recherche held their 2019 Fall East Coast Conference.

BR’s Conference kicked off with an educational round table session with Co-Presidents Rupert Schmidt and Pierre-Louis Delapalme. (Hint: A new and exciting product is on its way!) Then, the esteemed Dr. Phillipe Allouche opened the forum up for a Q & A session with the class so we had the opportunity to pick the brains behind BR and the wonder that is their product line. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Lotion P50 any more than we already do . . .

After a delicious and healthy lunch dined alfresco, we transitioned to our Hands-On trainings with the elite Biologique Recherche Training Team. We focused on advanced techniques for neck lines and chin strap with the popular Remodeling Face Machine. While the initial training that we held at Artisan Beaute’ was already extensive, this additional Hands-On time with several of the BR trainers helped us further advance our skillset.

Day 1 wrapped up with a festive White Party under the stars. Spas from around the country joined us, adorned in fun, beachy, white clothing. There was delicious seafood and pastas and dancing.

The second day of the conference continued our training in BR facial techniques. We all worked on our remodeling face movements, Co-Factor sheet mask boosters for extremely sensitive skins, and the meticulous, yet brilliant VIPO2 booster. All of these treatments require specific and different techniques that need to be perfected to deliver the best results for our patients. Practicing them with other estheticians from all over the nation allowed us to learn from one another and be guided by trainers once more, especially on technique heavy treatments.

With a full day of training, we sought the opportunity to spend some sun by the beach during our breaks and lunch time. The serene crashes of the waves accompanied by a minimally populated beach helped us to clear our minds and souls to receive new information and come back anew. If you ever want a domestic, relaxing beach to go to, Marco Island is just that.

 By night fall, we attended the cozy cocktail party hosted by Biologique Recherche. Stunning arrays of seafoods and cuisines under the starry night sky brought us all closer like a family. The Artisan Beauté team snuck away at the end to unwind once more by the beach, in search of a rare meteor shower and team bonding (duh!).

 Our final day at the Seminar felt bittersweet. We can all agree that learning the many incredible new body techniques paired with not wanting to leave the tranquil atmosphere made us want another day in Marco Island with BR. We experienced and were demonstrated 4 treatments, some of which will be offered at Artisan Beauté! These include - Scalp Treatments, Belly Detox, Arm Treatment, Body Treatment, and Heavy Leg Treatment. Each body treatment involves a different methodology and product to help heal and relax the area of the body with the help of carefully tailored BR body products! It’s safe to say each of us left with a list of new body products to buy when we got home....

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